11 December 2013





PRESENT: – Scott Baillie (Chairman) Ian Morral (Secretary & Treasurer) Carrie White (Vice Chair) Sara McCulloch (KCC Member)

Malcolm Baker (KCC Member & Wind Farm Administrator)

       Marion McCutcheon (Councillor) Bobbie McKie (Bowling Club)

       Louise Cochran (Resident)


 IN ATTENDANCE: – Marion McCutcheon (Councillor)

       Bobbie McKie (Bowling Club) Louise Cochran (Resident)



APOLOGIES: – Iain Dick (Councillor) Margaret Baillie (Resident)

        Karl Jackson-Barnes (Resident)



The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Carrie White.


POLICE BUSINESS Nothing to report.


1 Brownies Flag and Badges 

          The Brownies flag has been made, paid for by the Community       Council and dedicated, the badges have not been supplied as yet.


2 Emptying of Dog waste bins

          Councillor McCutcheon followed this up after the last meeting. It was reported that the bins had been emptied on the day following the        meeting and have been emptied since with one bin replaced by a   larger one.


3 Overgrown Hedge at 4 Main Street

          It was reported that a new tenant had moved into 4 Main Street    and that it would be unfair to hound them so soon after moving in.

          Bobby McKie said he would have a word with the tenant.


4 Playpark Update

          This project is moving forward and funding is still being pursued.


5 Christmas Lights

          Some of the lights need replacing and it was decided to wait until the      sales after Christmas to spend the remaining £175 budget. It had also   been suggested that a growing tree could be planted thus avoiding       the need to source and collect a tree every year. This idea was        accepted and Ian Morral agreed to research the best type of tree and Louise Cochran agreed to check with the church if they would have        any objections.

          Carrie White suggested a second tree could be placed on the land where the time capsule is located as this would make a welcome sight on entering the village. Whilst it was agreed this was a good idea it    was discussed that a power supply and the labour to decorate a   second tree could pose a problem. No decision was made on this    proposal. Carrie also suggested buying some cards to thank people      for helping out in the hall but it was thought it would be better to     thank people on the website as we do with the helpers at the Gala.


6 Pantomime

          It was agreed by all present that our first panto’ had been a huge success and the decision to have another panto’ next year was    unanimous.

          It was thought that the ticket price could be increased slightly next

          year, possibly to £2 for adults but remaining at £1 for children but no     firm decision was made. Ian Morral is to find out what dates will be      available and the Christmas program will be debated at a later date.

          Performing rights fees were discussed again the Community Council

          feel it is wrong that D&G Council is making a profit on these fees and councillor McCutcheon suggested we contact all three        councillors to fight our corner with D&G Council over this matter.


Any Other Business


Proposed Recycling Bins

          D&G Council are proposing to introduce new refuse recycling bins.

          A number of objections to this proposal were aired, ie,  bins obstructing narrow pavements, storage of the bins and the bins being        blown around the streets being a few. It was agreed to invite DG1st

          to come and talk to the Community Council about this.

          Ian Morral to arrange.



Telephone and Torch Emergency Packs.

          It was reported that emergency packs for this winter are allocated.

          Malcolm Baker asked if it were possible for the Freepress to take a         photo of a pack being handed over to a resident so we could forward

          a copy to Foundation Scotland. Bobby McKie said he would try to          arrange this and also thanked Malcolm for all his hard work on this project. This was seconded by all present.


Labrax Windfarm

          Scott Baillie reported on this proposed windfarm. There are eight turbines proposed and if this project goes ahead a considerable          income will be paid to the Community Council. D&G Council are     proposing that they take 50% of this money to invest in community      projects. Malcolm Baker said that as D&G are the planning           authority this would create a conflict of interest and would possibly        be illegal too. It was agreed by all present that the money should stay

          with the community groups involved. Scott said that at the last

          windfarm meeting the possibility of creating a trust to administer the     money was proposed.


          The next meeting will be on Wednesday 12th February at 7.30 in the        supper room as usual.


          Meeting closes.



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