Wind Farms

The KIrkcolm Community Council currently have agreements with three different wind farms. The first agreement is with Foundation Scotland (better known as North Rhins wind farm) which was signed in 2014 and benefits the Kirkcolm parish by around £5000 a year.

View the North Rhins Wind Farm Memorandum of Understanding.

The second agreement is with Scottish Renewables UK Ltd (better known as Glenapp wind farm) which was signed in July of 2017. The first payment to last from July 2017 until  March 2018 was £19, 136.99 but in the years following the Kirkcolm parish will benefit up  £27.500 each year.

View the Glenapp Wind Farm minute of agreement.

The third memorandum of understanding is with Brookfield Renewable UK Ltd (better known as Labrax wind farm) which was signed in September 2017. This wind farm has not even gone to construction yet so no figures have been given to the communities that will benefit as yet.

View the Brookfield Renewable UK Ltd (Labrax Wind Farm) memorandum of understanding.

The wind farm money will be distributed every year and used with the aims of the Community Plan in mind. It may also be donated to community groups from the Kirkcolm parish. If you have a community group and wish to apply for wind farm money please click here to download a grant application pro forma.