12 February 2014





PRESENT: – Scott Baillie (Chairman) Ian Morral (Secretary & Treasurer) Carrie White (Vice Chair) Malcolm Baker (KCC Member & Wind Farm Administrator)


 IN ATTENDANCE: – Janet McLeod (Resident)  PC Mack McFern Police


APOLOGIES: – Sara McCulloch (KCC Member)Marion McCutcheon (Councillor) Bobbie McKie (Bowling Club) Louise Cochran (Resident) Margaret Baillie (Resident) Margo Nichol (Resident)


The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Scott Baillie and seconded by Malcolm Baker


POLICE BUSINESS Mack McFern was welcomed as our new community police officer. He said that the only thing to report was the break in and fire at the shop. He passed on praise to the community from his inspector for staying calm and not over reacting in any way in the aftermath of the event and for their co-operation and assistance. The community council let it be known that they felt the police had failed to keep the community informed of any progress in the enquiries, specifically in not informing us of the suspects bail conditions one of which was that he was not allowed into the village of Kirkcolm. The police reaction was that they have no obligation to keep the community informed only the victim. The community councillors present made the point that the village couldn’t help the police if the police didn’t help them and asked that that should be conveyed to the inspector.


1 Kirkcolm Stores

          Following the fire Ian Morral reported that he had been liaising with      Carol Ann Martin, shop owner, and she had reported that the        inventory was now complete and as soon as environmental health         removed the contents of the freezers the clean up could commence,      hopefully on Saturday (15th February) The shop fitters claim their work will only take a week and she hopes to have the shop up and running again in four to six weeks .


2 New Refuse Recycling Scheme.

          Following Dumfries and Galloway Councils announcement that a new refuse recycling scheme is to come into place during 2014 Ian         Morral requested that they attend our meeting to present said   proposals. The first date they could offer was 7pm 26th March.


3 Gala

          Ian Morral informed the meeting that Armed Forces Day was the

          28th June and the school closes  on the 2nd July therefore our first   available was June 21st, one day different from 2013. This date was   agreed on. Carrie White suggested asking Scottish Water for       sponsorship considering that some residents were without water          from 9am Christmas morning until midday on Boxing day. Ian     Morral to follow this up.


4 Playpark Update

          As Sara McCulloch couldn’t attend the meeting there was no update.


5 Any Other Business

          Janet McLeod reported dog owners allowing dogs to wet against her       front door and not clearing their dogs mess up. Ian Morral to contact

          the dog warden and request patrols.

          Janet also reported dead seals and birds on the Scaur walk and also        excessive litter, Ian Morral to contact environmental health and

          enquire if the Youth Justice team could arrange a clean up.


          A number of trees have been reported as in danger of falling in the

          Corsewall Estate wood backing onto Main Street. Ian Morral        proposed contacting the landowner, this was agreed and seconded by Malcolm Baker.


          Following a presentation by Charles Clemie (Dumfries and Galloway     Council) attended by Ian Morral for KCC about the gritting of roads          during inclement weather Ian realised that Church Road was not gritted during the last winter. He raised this with Charles Clemie         who told him that Church Road was not on the list of roads to be treated. This was not the understanding of Kirkcolm CC who were           under the impression that it had been previously agreed to treat this       road as it formed a part of the school bus route. Malcolm Baker said   he probably still had the relevant emails and would try to find them.


          Ian Morral had obtained an insurance quotation of £79.50 to

          offer ‘All Risks’ cover for the Community Council equipment, Ian

          proposed this cover was adopted this was agreed and seconded by Scott Baillie.


          The community council have been offered two dates from the panto’       company for this years panto’ namely Thursday 4th or Friday 5th         December. It was agreed to accept the 4th and have the Christmas       lights switch on the following Saturday 6th December. Proposer Ian         Morral, seconded by Carrie White.


6 Wind Farm Update

          Malcolm Baker reported






          The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th April at 7.30 in the       supper room as usual.


          Meeting closes.



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