16 July 2014

Kirkcolm Community Council






      PRESENT: – Scott Baillie (Chairman) Ian Morral (Secretary & Treasurer)  Malcolm Baker (KCC Member & Wind Farm Administrator)


IN ATTENDANCE: –  Bobbie McKie (Bowling Club) Willie Scobie   (Councillor) Michael Dixon MHD Communications. Gemma Hamilton    PNE Wind.

          APOLOGIES: –  Carrie White (KCC) Sara McCulloch (Vice Chair KCC)           Police, Margaret Baillie (Resident) Councillor M McCutcheon Councillor        Iain Dick.


          The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Scott Baillie and seconded      by Ian Morral.


1    POLICE BUSINESS No attendance by police.


2     PNE Wind Farm Presentation. Gemma Hamilton Gave a presentation concerning the proposed wind farm at Labrax. The main points being that the proposal has now gone to planning and documents are available to view at Leswalt public hall and at Sun Street planning office in Stranraer. The proposals are now open to public consultation. It was confirmed that the payment will be £5K per Megawatt and the proposed output would be 20Megawatts there would also be a payment made from the start of construction of £1500. This money will be administered by a trust, yet to be established. Kirkcolms share is likely to be in the region of £20,000 per annum for 25 years.


3    Gala Debrief Recap The Gala debrief meeting held 05-07-2014 had concluded that the Gala had gone well this year with the following problems and suggested solutions.

      It was noted that there was a communication failure at the start of the Gala procession and that a pre Gala briefing would be in order.

      The burger stall had a problem in that some of the burgers had so much fat content that at one point the barbeque caught fire. It was decided that burgers would only be purchased from John Doulas next year as his burgers were far superior and that a fire blanket and extinguisher should be on hand.

      It was also discussed whether to put the burgers out for one of the groups to organise or to carry on doing them ourselves. If we were to do them ourselves then a commercial grade gas hotplate was proposed. This needs further discussion.

      It was felt that the bouncy castles were not best supervised with very small and older children not being separated between the two castles. Some people didn’t realise that the purchase of a wristband for the castle was for the whole day not just for one go. Also the trader who supplied the castles was selling items that were undesirable and it was decided that a traders contract be used in future making it clear what is expected of them.

      The raffle experienced some problems this year, the raffle sign for the tent had been lost, this needs replacing. The tickets were issued far too late and not all groups got an allocation. It was decided to get the tickets printed and also to approach traders and groups for prizes much earlier next year and nominate one person to be in overall charge of the raffle.

      Due to the perennial  problem of lack of helpers, next year it was decided to put the onus onto the various groups to erect their own tents.

      It was also decided to have a co-ordinater for the groups with a site plan and a check list so that Scott has less to do on the day.

      If Alan Ketteridge is unavailable to act as photographer next year it was proposed to approach the Stranraer Camera Club to see if they may be able to help.

      Jimmy Milroy had offered the use of the large barn in future if the weather forecast was inclement. This gave rise to a discussion as to whether we should move the Gala to the farm in future. Although savings would be made in not hiring the school it was felt that this was outweighed by the cost of providing Portaloos, water and power on the farm.


4    Bus Services The reduction in the 408 bus service to Kirkcolm was discussed. Due to Kings, who ran the service, having their licence revoked the 408 route was put out to tender. The result is that the service is now run by Stagecoach but the last two runs in the evening have been dropped and the Sunday service has been removed altogether.  Councillor Scobie has been vocal with D&G council over this issue as there has been no consultation and proper procedures may not have been followed. It was agreed that the community council would try to seek out where this may be causing hardship to residents in order to put in a complaint to D&G council.


Any Other Business

      Malcolm Baker reminded the meeting the wind farm funding applications for 2014 needed to be presented as soon as possible. Bobbie McKie presented the application from the Kirkcolm Bowls Club. This was to replace worn out items consisting of six folding tables, 24 folding chairs, a cooker and a fridge. The cost of these items would be approximately £1,818.


          Meeting Ends

          The Next meeting is the on 10th September 2014 at 7.30 in the hall.

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