10 September 2014





PRESENT: -Scott Baillie Ian Morral Malcolm Baker Carrie White


APOLOGIES: – Margaret Baillie Resident Margot Nicol Resident

  Marion McCutcheon Councillor

IN ATTENDANCE: – Iain Dick Councillor Willie Scobie Councillor

Roger Rankin Resident Alan Richards Resident



The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Scott Baillie.


POLICE BUSINESS No Police attendance


1 408 Bus Service. The reduced bus service was discussed which is having a detrimental effect on some residents and on the business of The Blue Peter public house. Councillor Dick said he would speak to Harry Thompson about this to see what could be done. Councillor Scobie, who has already been trying to resolve this issue said that the 407service had had some relief measures put in place and he could see no reason why this should not also apply to the 408 service. Alan Richards (Resident) asked if the Dulloch service was also in jeopardy, councillor Scobie said it was possible but he did not know of any cutbacks to that service. There is to be a meeting on the 10th October where it is hoped these issues will be resolved.


2 KCC property storage. As the CC now owns a fair amount of property and the hall does not provide secure storage it was decided to investigate the possibility of our own secure storage in the form of a steel windowless container. The secretary had carried out a land search on a possible piece of ground and it was agreed he would contact the owner with a view to purchasing or leasing the land.


3 Xmas lights power supply. Ian Morral reported that the power supply outside the church on Church Road was in a dangerous condition and sought approval to obtain quotes for the repair of same, this was agreed by all. It was also decided to look into the possibility of installing some solar lights on the tree on CC land on the approach to the village. The xmas lights switch on was set for the 6th December with the panto’ pencilled in for the 4th if the panto’ company can oblige.


4 Litter Ian Morral had identified some funding for a litter initiative but could not set this up due to personal commitments, Scott Baillie agreed to follow this up.



Labrax Wind Farm Roger Rankin asked why the CC had sent a letter of support for the Labrax Wind Farm project, he and Alan Richards were both against this project saying that it was a development in the wrong place due to the natural beauty of the site. At this point Councillor Dick excused himself from the meeting declaring an interest as a member of the planning committee,

Malcolm Baker (CC Wind Farm Administrator) answered for the CC saying that we felt although there had been some objections none had been presented to the CC and that overall the community as a whole would benefit from the income this project would provide. (£500,000 over 25 years) Ian Morral added that he took the view that as the Scottish Parliament would push any of these projects through planning unless there were exceptional circumstances the community may as well make the best of it. The CC was asked if it would reconsider its position but with the facts as they were this option was not taken up.


Whilst discussing the benefits that wind farm income had bought to the residents of Kirkcolm it was raised that a LPG hotplate to use on Gala day was going to be proposed as a wind farm project but had been omitted when projects were allocated. It was decided to buy this from CC funds instead.


Fibre Optic Broadband It was revealed that if 300 signatures could be obtained then BT would install fibre optic broadband to Kirkcolm. It was decided to start collecting signatures and that the shop and pub would be asked to help. It will also be publicised on the Kirkcolm.org website and ‘Kirkcolm Folks’ Facebook page. Roger Rankin and Alan Richards said if they could help in the rural areas they would


D&G Council Consultation  Ian Morral said that as secretary he was getting very frustrated by D&G Councils lack of consultation with the CC stating,

1 D&G Council (Planning) objected to the Glen App wind farm planning application, even though it is situated outwith the D&G county, but did not consult the CC. At a meeting when the head of planning was questioned why the CC had not been consulted the reply was “Because we don’t have to”


2 The new waste recycling scheme. No notice of this project was given  and the CC was not consulted on this major issue. For the record the CC is of the opinion that this scheme is badly flawed.


3 The Stranraer Gateway Project. No notice of this project was given to the CC nor was there any consultation. This project only came to light due to local press coverage.


4 Local Libraries opening hours consultation. No notice of this project was given to the CC nor was there any consultation. This project also only came to light due to local press coverage.


Ian proposed a vote of no confidence and sending a letter of complaint to D&G Council. The consensus  was that a letter of complaint would suffice.

Councillor Scobie suggested that we also contact Audit Scotland to ensure correct procedures are being followed by D&G Council.


Next meeting 12th November.


Meeting closes.





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