14th August 2018





PRESENT: – Susan Irons (KCC), Cathey Downie (KCC), Thomas Cochrane (KCC), Bobby McKie (KCC), Eric Garrett (KCC), Nicola Wilson (Police Scotland), Gail Adams (KCC)


APOLOGIES: – Sara McCulloch (KCC)



PC Nicola Wilson told the meeting there had only be three incidents in the area since the last KCC meeting in April. On the 21st May 2018 there were reports of red writing on the goal posts within the school grounds and ACAB written on the wall of the school. On the 20th June 2018 there was a report of a digger having been vandalised in Church Road. The digger sustained three broken windows and there has been no result on this matter. Lastly on the 4th July 2018 there was a report from visitors to the area that they had been bitten by a dog from a local farm. The dog warden has been notified and is dealing with the matter.



Thomas Cochrane, Treasurer talked through the KCC balance sheet and bank statements with the meeting. The balance of the KCC bank account on 26th July 2018 was £53,663.96. After a discussion the KCC agreed to withdraw the finance page from the KCC website. This was proposed by Eric Garrett and seconded by Bobby McKie and agreed by all.



It was agreed by everyone to put together an invite to ask groups to attend the next meeting to encourage them to become associate members.



Susan Irons told the meeting that we would not be able to borrow the tables and chairs from Leswalt hall this year as Leswalt’s flower show is on the same day. It was agreed by all to order more bunting and the Bowling club will be putting it up on Saturday 18th August 2018. Susan Irons told the meeting the signs for the school and the roundabout advertising the Gala need to be found as they are not in the hall. Susan Irons is to take the Gala poster into the Free Press to get the Gala advertised in next week’s Free Press.  John Smith is bringing his food van to do the burgers, hot dogs etc. The goal posts at the school have been sorted and new nets bought for Gala Day. The Blue Peter is now doing the bar on the day. The Kirkcolm children are to get a strip of tickets to get on the bouncy castle which the KCC will pay for. Thomas Cochrane will count the marquees before the next Gala meeting to check how many is there. The layout of the school field needs to be looked at due to the work getting done at the play equipment, so a plan can be drawn up of where everything will go. Mary Milroy is quite happy for their field to be used as a car park again and for a donation to be given to park. This year the parking donations will go to the Chest, Heart and Stroke charity. Cathey Downie told the meeting she had spoken to Mike McDonald from Police Scotland regarding the road closure and it has all be approved. The last Gala meeting before Gala will be on Sunday 19th August 2018 at 2pm in the village hall.



Sara McCulloch had brought this up at a previous meeting. Cathey Downie is going to enquire into costings and two could possible be bought for the village. This will be discussed again at the next meeting.



This was discussed, and enquiries are to be made on costings for storage containers and facilities to store them. The Chair, Cathey Downie will send an email to B McCulloch to thank him for the offer of taking over his garage.






After a discussion it was agreed that this would be taken forward and it is hoped by the next meeting a resident of the village is identified. The grass cutting at the Scaur shore was discussed and in future it is to be put out to tender to save a conflict of interest.



The Hall Working group have been in contact asking to meet with the KCC as they are at the stage of nearly going two tier and want to work hand in hand with the KCC. They are to be invited to the next KCC meeting.



The four applications that had been received were discussed and it was decided the application from Kirkcolm SWI for £1000 would be held back until more information is gathered regarding the application. The applications from the Senior Citizens Welfare Committee for £1400, the Kirkcolm under 5’s Nursery for £150 and the school’s Eco Committee for £297.36 were all approved and will be paid out in due course.



Steve Sloan has sent an email to Ros Surtees, Councillor and the KCC regarding wildlife being crushed on the foreshore by fisherman putting their 4×4’s up onto the grass. A reply is to be sent to Steve saying we are looking into the matter.



The KCC were approached by the Kirkcolm Bowling club regarding a major piece of work that they need done at the Club. The edges of the playing area need raised as the green has taken a battering by the dry weather and it all needs new turf. They also need lighting for the new pathway/car park / disabled access and the gates need reposting. Due to the timing of the work being carried out a decision had to be made. They asked if the KCC would be able to assist them with £11,000 and after discussion it was decided to give them this money from the Glenapp windfarm fund. This was proposed by Susan Irons and seconded by Gail Adams. Everyone agreed.



The next KCC meeting will be Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at 7.30pm.

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