14 September 2016


MEETING HELD AT 7:30PM  ON WEDNESDAY 14th September 2016



PRESENT: – Ian Morral-Chairman (IM) Malcolm Baker-Windfarm Administrator (MB), Peter Joiner-KCC Member (PJ), Sara McCulloch-Vice Chair (SM).


APOLOGIES: – Thomas Cochrane-KCC Member, Iain Dick-Coucillor, Mark McFern-Police Scotland.

IN ATTENDANCE: – Bobby McKie-Bowling Club, Siobhan-Police Scotland, Gail Adams-Resident, Kay Ewing-Resident, Angus Carrick-Buchanan-Resident.



The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Peter Joiner.



A trailer had been stolen from the village and then sighted in Stranraer by a resident who reported it. Enquiries were made and an arrest is expected to be made.

Online fraud continues with stolen card details being used to purchase goods, residents are asked to be aware.

The new legislation regarding air weapons is now due to come into force and weapons must be registered with Police Scotland by 31st December. Anyone holding a current shotgun licence will cover any air weapons they own up to renewal date but then they will need to be registered at renewal.


1/ Gala Figures

The meeting was told by the chairman that all gala bills and expenses had now been          paid and all monies due in accounted for and the gala had turned a small profit of          £278.


2/ Storage Container

The chairman reported that he had met with a representative from D&G Council   Estates Department on the school field to discuss using an unused corner of the playing field to site a storage container. During the discussion the chairman said

that in time when funds were available the CC may wish to purchase the land, the outcome was that the land was offered to the CC for £1.

IM proposed that we accept this offer and rather than spend money on buying, siting

and at a later date disposing of a container go for a permanent building. This was discussed and agreed on, seconded by M B.


3/ Trust Name

IM said work to form the community trust, to hold community assets and manage windfarm income, was progressing, it was agreed by all to be named ‘The Kirkcolm    Community Trust”.


4/ Consultation Tender

Members of the CC had interviewed a representative of the Creetown Initiative who

had tendered to consult all the households in the Kirkcolm parish on behalf of the CC       in order to plan a strategy for allocating wind farm funds in the longer term.

IM proposed that we engage them to carry out this work this motion was seconded by       MB although the decision was unanimous.


5/ Gala groups Donations

Donations to performing groups need to be paid and it was agreed to maintain

the same donations as last year.


Any other business.

IM told the meeting that D&GC has billed the CC for the use of the school field

for the gala day. He had challenged this as there was an agreement dating back to

1966 between the council and the CC saying the CC had the use of the school field.

As a result D&GC are to cancel the invoice.


A new CC secretary is needed and attendees were asked to put the word out and put          any names forward. It was also agreed to investigate the possibility of outsourcing      the work on a paid basis.


A letter had been received from the Motor Neuron Disease charity (MND) thanking

the CC for the £200 donation that had been made.


Bobby McKie told the meeting that the Kirkcolm Bowls Club would be holding an

“Invitation Pairs Fundraiser” for MND on the 24th September at 10AM. Entry is                £6, a pair with no prizes and all money raised will go to MND.

IM agreed to publicise this on the KCC Facebook page.


Meeting closes.


Next meeting 12th October.

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