13 July 2016

Kirkcolm Community Council Minutes





PRESENT:- Ian Morral-KCC Chairman, Malcolm Baker-KCC Windfarm Administrator, Peter Joiner-KCC Member, Thomas Cochrane-KCC Member




Apologies:- None.


Police Business:-None.


The minutes from the previous meeting were proposed by Ian Morral and seconded by Malcolm Baker.


Gala Storage

The siting of a container on the school field to store gala equipment is ongoing and awaiting a reply from the planning department.


Wind Farm

Malcolm Baker told the meeting that;

the benefit from the North Rhins Wind Farm had finally been paid out (£3431) and could now be distributed amongst the community groups.

There had been a meeting with Brookfield Labrax and the ‘Community and Renwable Energy Scheme’ (CARES) who are able to assist community councils and groups, by putting in place a manager, to deal with wind farm operators and in the case of Labrax the offer to buy into the wind farm and the community benefit. If sanctioned the manager would deal with one community group who would then have the responsibility to report back to any other groups involved.

Malcolm proposed that we ask CARES to provide a project manager to liaise with the Community Liaison Group (CLG) for Labrax and also the CLG for Glen App,there were no objections to this and Ian Morral seconded the proposal.



Ian Morral reported that the Gala income so far was £1838 with around £400 to be added to this figure once all monies had been collected. Outgoings stood at £1273 with a some more to pay out so overall the Gala will be in profit. Which will offset the loss made last year. Ian thanked the Bowling Club members for turning up on the day of the gala to help put up marquees adding that if they had not the gala would not have been ready to open on time. Bobby McKie, in turn, said massive thanks had to go to Ian for his efforts in staging the gala. Ian said that thanks also had to go to Sara McCulloch who also did a massive amount of work. It was agreed that our 2016 Gala was the best yet.


Meeting Frequency

Ian Morral proposed that now the gala was over for another year we could go back to bi-monthly meetings. It was pointed out that we would probably need to call meetings regarding wind farm business and in the end it was decided to carry on with monthly meetings but to make endeavours to engage a minutes secretary or if possible a secretary to enable Susan Irons to resign.


Any Other Business

Malcolm told the meeting that the Stranraer to Ayr Line Support Association (SAYLSA) had been in contact with him and had offered to come and speak to the community, it was agreed to take them up on the offer. Malcolm to arrange this.


The next meeting will be at 7.30 on the 10th of August.


Meeting closes.


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