14 January 2015

Kirkcolm Community Council







PRESENT: -Ian Morral KCC Secretary Malcolm Baker KCC Wind Farm

Administrator Sara McCulloch KCC Vice Chair Carrie White KCC



APOLOGIES: – Scott Baillie Fiona McCulloch Iain Dick Councillor

Marion McCutcheon Councillor Ros Surtees Resident Margo Nicol



IN ATTENDANCE: – Member Eric Garret Resident Siobhan Pellett Police

Scotland Bobby McKie Bowling Club Kelly Brown YESS ltd Neil

Howie YESS ltd Peter Joiner Resident



Due to the resignation of Scott Baillie as Chair and KCC Member the Vice Chair took the meeting.



The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Malcolm Baker and

seconded by Carrie White



POLICE BUSINESS Siobbhan Pellett told the meeting that Kirkcolm had

been quiet with no reported problems. We were reminded of the new Police

Scotland non emergency phone number which is 101 and to be aware of

any bogus calls doing the rounds. One of which is people calling and trying to get access to computers to steal sensitive data another was

concerning insulation were people were being called saying they were entitled to £500 off the cost of insulation then being asked for money. Luce Bay Plant has been broken into and equipment has been stolen

and residents were asked to keep an eye open for any suspicious people

and vehicles. Heating oil theft has been reported in Ayrshire so residents are again advised to be aware.


1     Storage Facility


Ian Morral reported that the search for a site to place a storage container for KCC equipment was ongoing.









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Kirkcolm Community Council




2     Complaint to D&GC


Ian Morral reported that the complaint made by KCC to D&GC about them not consulting

with us is still ongoing but that the four main points raised were;


A/ Non consultation regarding the Glen App Wind Farm. D&GC Planning had previously

told KCC members that they didn’t consult with us as they didn’t have to and that in any event this was a South Ayshire planning matter. Therefore no consultation nor apology.


B/ Non consultation regarding the waste recycling scheme. This scheme was implemented without consultation KCC requested a meeting to voice concerns over this scheme which

were many. Following the complaint we were told that the meeting was an engagement

session and that they didn’t realise that points raised at that meeting were complaints. Therefore no consultation nor apology.


C/ Non consultation regarding the Stranraer Gateway project. D&GC tried to hide behind the

fact that Ian Morral had complained to them and they had replied. Ian said that he had complained but on a personal level and not as a Community Councillor. Therefore no consultation nor apology.


D/ Non consultation regarding the opening hours of local libraries. D&GC on this occasion admit that they had not consulted and apologised for that.


Ian said that of the four complaints the one he was most dissatisfied with was the waste

recycling scheme. Alistair Speedie is in overall charge of this scheme and he just fobs off all objections without addressing them.


3 Ex Gratia Payment


Ian Morral reported that when he and others went to collect the Christmas tree John White who had volunteered his time and his Land Rover sustained a puncture. Ian felt unfair that

John should be out of pocket for the repair and proposed that the KCC make an ex gratia payment of £15 to cover the cost of the repair. Malcolm Baker seconded this proposal.


5 Gala Day


Ian Morral said this item is to set a date for the gala, the dates available are the 13th, 20th, 27th

of June and July 4th. Ian said he had checked dates and the Highlandt show was on the

weekend of 21st June, Armed Forces Day was on 27th June and school breaks up on July 2nd. After discussion it was decided the choice was between the 13th June and the 4th July.

Traditionally the Gala was the first week of July but KCC had deferred to the headteachers wishes in recent years to hold the Gala in term time. Malcolm Baker said that in term time the head teacher acts as caretaker at no cost to KCC and the penalty for July 4th is that we

would have to pay more. It was agreed to set a provisional date of July 4th Sara would speak to Mrs Dickson (Head teacher) and a date was set for the first Gala meeting for January 21st at 7.30 in the supper room.




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Kirkcolm Community Council




It was pointed out that, as ever, KCC need help to run the Gala and it was uncertain how

much Scott Baillie would be able to help this year. Ian Morral to put the word out about the meeting in the hope that volunteers come forward.


6 Wind Farm


Malcolm Baker reported that the new North Rhins Windfarm owners have decided to go with the status quo this year and pay the full amount claimed by KCC on behalf of the community groups. Malcolm believed that the new owners were not happy that things had been changed ‘out of the blue’ with no consultation between Foundation Scotland and the benefiting groups.

Next year the way that benefits are distributed could change but there would be consultation on this.

PNE had been forced to withdraw their planning application in November for the proposed

Labrax Wind Farm because one of the statutory consultees had demanded extra information

which D&GC Planning would then not accept.. PNE are now in a position to apply for

planning again at the end of January. At the appropriate time KCC will ask for submissions

from residents supporting or not supporting this application, this will be publicised in the

usual way, on the notice board, website and social media it. PNE will probably canvass door

to door too. Malcolm pointed out that the community benefit is worth £20,000 a year to Kirkcolm as a community.




Eric Garrett asked about the Fishers Lane walkway, which is part of the core path network, it has flooded again and not serving its purpose as a footpath. Ian Morral told the meeting that two years ago the KCC had been approached by D&GC asking if we wanted to be involved

in regenerating this footpath and that the project had floundered but work was due to start this coming spring and would therefore be fully usable before next winter.


Bobbie McKie reported trees growing into the road opposite Low Ervie which he believes belong to David Drummond, Sara to deal with this.


Ian Morral told the meeting he had been approached by the Community Safety Team who would like to give a short presentation at our next meeting, this was agreed Ian to arrange this.


Sara told the meeting that Scott Baillie had resigned as chairman and as a community

councillor and that we needed to appoint a new chair. Malcolm Baker said he would take on

the role in the short term. No one else stepped forward so Ian Morral proposed and Carrie White seconded this, to be confirmed at next meeting. Malcolm Baker proposed a letter of thanks to Scott for his services to KCC and Ian Morral seconded this. Ian to deal with this.


Peter Joiner told the meeting that Carol Anne Martin had closed the shop but that Cochrans

Stores would be opening in her place on February 1st . He went on to say that he, as owner of the property, had had a long meeting to secure not only the short term but also the long term

future of the shop in the village. He said there could be an issue with the Post Office but





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Kirkcolm Community Council




hoped the CC would support keeping the Post Office and shop in the same building in the village, needless to say there were no objections to this.


Malcolm Baker told the meeting that PNEs Wind Farm Application would be before the next KCC meeting The Community Council has sent a letter of support for the project in the past but then some objectors came forward so and it was agreed to call a public meeting to enable

all sides to air their views in the interest of transparency. Carrie White proposed putting an ad’ in the Freepress to announce the meeting Malcolm Baker seconded this.


Carrie White told the meeting that she would like to thank everybody who had helped

putting up the Christmas lights, also taking them down and on the night of the switch on and for the hall keepers patience in waiting for them to be taken down.


Next meeting Wednesday 11th March.


Meeting ends.








































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