13 January 2016





PRESENT: -Sara McCulloch (Vice Chair) Susan Irons (Secretary) Malcolm Baker (KCC Member/Windfarm Administrator) Peter Joiner (KCC Member)


APOLOGIES: -Ian Morral (Chairman) Mark McFern (Police)

IN ATTENDANCE: -Stella Jefferson (Resident) Matt Halliday (Resident)


In the following minutes KCC means Kirkcolm Community Council and CC means Community Council.


The minutes of the last meeting were verified by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Susan Irons.


Police Business

Matt Halliday told the meeting that he had come across an accident on the Kirkcolm to Stranraer road that morning and had telephoned the police and ambulance. He was put through to a call centre and was on hold listening to a ringing phone for 5 to 10 mins. Once he did get through the person on the other end had no concept of where Kirkcolm was. It was 40 minutes before the police and the ambulance came which is unacceptable.Matt Halliday said it was not the local police and ambulance service he had the problem with as they were brilliant when they arrived it was the call centre he had spoken to on the phone. The roads were also not gritted which is very dangerous for the Stranraer Academy bus and all other road users. Susan Irons is to contact the police regarding the accident response time and Dumfries and Galloway Council regarding the gritting of the roads.


1 Christmas Tree

Malcolm Baker relayed an email regarding this matter from Ian Morral, Chairman suggesting that we buy a 1.5 to 2 metre rooted tree and plant it in the bank at the benches and then plant another beside it once it got to size so we can alternate them. A tree this size would cost about £60 and last roughly 5 years. It was said we should start growing one but we wouldn’t be able to use it until it became big enough. Peter Joiner and Malcolm Baker are going to pop into Ballantrae garden centre tomorrow to see if they are selling any trees. Further to that we will do some further research as we will need to buy one for next year or get it donated. It was said that lights were not brilliant either as they kept banging together and smashing. Sara McCulloch suggested we buy small ball bulbs to stop them breaking when blowing about.


2 Old Folks Christmas Party

Sara McCulloch told the meeting that there have been numerous complaints and asked if anyone knew which Committee organised it so we could pass these on. Malcolm Baker said it was the Welfare Committee that organised the party. It has been asked why the Gala King, Queen and attendants did not attend the old folks party and why some local elderly people did not receive invites. Matt Halliday told the meeting that the main problem was that there is not a database to work from. He said all the organisers were volunteers giving their own time, and using their own petrol and diesel. He said mistakes happen and it’s all data protection these days. Peter Joiner mentioned using the electoral register to compile a list. It was agreed thatKCC are keen to help compile a list of elderly people in this postcode over the age of 65 that can be updated every year around November time.


3 Training Evaluation Form

Susan Irons told the meeting that further to our D & G Council induction training gave to us by Wendy Jesson on our first meeting we have received an evaluation form. Everyone agreed that Susan Irons would complete this on the KCC’s behalf.


4 School Field

The meeting was informed that the school field does not belong to the church as previously thought it was bought by Dumfries and Galloway Council in 1969. Ian Morral, Chairman had been hoping to buy a container to hold the KCC marquees and tables and chairs. He was hoping to put it in the bottom corner of the school field where the sand pit used to be.


Any other business

A date was set for this year’s Gala day of Saturday 18th June 2016. This was proposed by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Sara McCulloch.


A gala meeting was set for Saturday 6th February 2016 at 1pm in village hall.


The next KCC meeting will be on Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 7.30pm.


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