3 October 2017





PRESENT: – Susan Irons (KCC), Ronnie Boyce (Police Scotland), Eric Garrett (KCC), Cathey Downie (KCC), Barry Miller (KCC), Tommy Sloan (Councillor), Gail Adams (KCC), Sara McCulloch (KCC), David Drummond (Loch Connell Curling Club), Jean McKeown (WRI + Church)

APOLOGIES: – Willie Scobie (Councillor), Tommy Cochrane(KCC)


Ronnie Boyce reported to the meeting that there has been no reported crime in the Kirkcolm and surrounding area.


The minutes of the KCC meeting on the 22/08/17 were agreed and approved. Proposed by Gail Adams and seconded by Susan Irons. It was also agreed that all papers passed at the last meeting should be added to the minute.


  1. Interim financial matters

Barry Miller passed around a bank statement and Treasurer’s report gave to him by Tommy Cochrane, Treasurer. On the 29/09/17 the KCC account held £34,649.88 which includes the £10,212.00 core path money. These papers were passed by all members.

  1. Contractual agreements with Labrax Wind Farm

Susan Irons met with Kirsty Leiper who represented the Labrax Windfarm to sign the memorandum of understanding on behalf of Kirkcolm Community Council on Tuesday 26th September 2017.

  1. Community asset transfer

Papers were passed round detailing the Kirkcolm hall lets and expenses. It was agreed to circulate a paper regarding this matter and have an open day in the future for the community to come in and look round the hall.

  1. Grants to community groups from windfarm income

The Chair told the meeting the Brownies/Guides and Senior Welfare Committee had not received their cheques from the North Rhin’s money yet.

  1. Upgraded website

Susan Irons discussed with the meeting the plans for the new website. A quote from Liam Bailey to create the new website was accepted and agreed by all.

  1. Core path project

Eric Garrett told the meeting that Apex is no longer running but he had tried to contact someone for some ideas and pointers. Sara McCulloch commented that the Community Service group were good with helping with projects like this. Barry Miller informed the meeting that the Director of Communities will be visiting on Wednesday 29th November 2017 to talk with the KCC regarding community development and is going to walk the core path.

  1. Asset List

Sara McCulloch and Gail Adams informed the meeting that this will be completed soon.

  1. Resilience team/meeting

There is a community resilience meeting in the region on Tuesday 17th October 2017. Barry Miller and Cathey Downie will attend this meeting and othere were welcome to attend if possible.

  1. Wind farm procedures

Barry Miller informed the meeting that Angus Carrick Buchanan had agreed to continue with the wind farms until the contracts were signed. This is all completed so Susan Irons will correspond with Angus to thank him for all his work with the KCC.





Cathey Downie told the meeting that she felt that grants should be given out in addition to groups also fundraising for themselves to encourage community spirit in the village. After further discussions it was decided to communicate to the community that 50% of this payment from Glenapp wind farm will be available to groups but the other half will be kept for long term projects. The grant application pro forma will be edited and emailed out as soon as possible (Appendix 1). Sara McCulloch informed the meeting that the Nursery will be closing as the staff have all decided to retire as of December. There is an emergency meeting for the parents on Friday in the hope that they can advertise and find replacement staff to stop this closure.



Barry Miller discussed this paper with the meeting listing the rules which the KCC are meant to operate under and what changes need to be made to fully comply with these rules. The financial protocol paper was accepted and agreed by all. (Appendix 2)



The Kirkcolm Action Plan is complete and copies were given out. It will be available to download from the KCC website soon.



The village Christmas Light switch on is planned for Saturday 2nd December. Susan Irons will contact Fiona Ritchie to enquire about the money from the D&G Council that the KCC receive for decorations. The pantomime is booked for Wednesday 6th December 2017 which will allow the Brownies and Guides to attend as well. A new light projector that will project onto the hall will be researched. Barry Miller suggested having a Christmas tree at the village hall.



Susan Irons reported to the meeting that the KCC had a letter from D&G Council informing us that the disabled space in Main Street is no longer on the registered list. The Council have not painted over the space yet but it is legal for anyone to park there. A reply had also been received from D&G Council regarding the damaged war memorial saying it would be put on the list but would not be done until 2018/19.



Sara McCulloch told the meeting that a tree up at the church had been reported to her as residents thought it was dead. Barry Miller said he would examine the tree soon.



The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 7.30pm.



Appendix 1


Kirkcolm Community Council -Community payment scheme 2016-2017

Application for Community Benefit grant

KCC has received funding from the Scottish Power Glenapp windfarm of £19,136 and will make up to 50% of this available to assist groups who operate in the Kirkcolm Parish area. This is new funding and a further £8.5K will be retained by the KCC for longer term strategic projects.

 You are invited to apply using this form if you have a suitable project.

 Applicant (Individual/club etc) _________________________________________________________

Nature of project_______________________________________________________________

 Total cost of project _______________________

 Source of any other funding (if any) _____________________________________________________

 Amount applied for________________________    

 Date of application ________________________

 Purpose to which grant will be put:


 Details including numbers if possible of who will benefit from application ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Contact details of applicant Address/phone number/e-mail address:-____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Any other relevant information.


If you wish to address the community council on your application at its next meeting on Tues Nov 7th 2017 please indicate _________________________________________________________________

Please note KCC is bound by contractual agreement with Scottish Power over the use of this funding.

Please return this application form to the Kirkcolm Community Council secretary: Susan Irons, 62 Main Street, Kirkcolm or s.irons@hotmail.co.uk by Oct 31st 2017


Appendix 2

 Kirkcolm Community Council              Financial protocols – September 20.09.2017

The rules under which we operated are set out in two Dumfries and Galloway documents – The MODEL CONSTITUTION and the AMENDED SCHEME FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMUNITY COUNCILS IN DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY.

The rules copied from the above are: –

  • 2 (const’n 3.2) ‘Maintain proper financial records and present financial reports at CC meetings, including in respect of monies received or spent as a Windfarm host community’.
  • 5 (const’n 6.5.)’The Treasurer shall correctly maintain the CC’s financial records which shall disclose the CC’s financial position. The Treasurer shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that monies due are received and creditors paid; present financial information to the CC when required and prepare annually a statement of accounts.’
  • 6 (const’n 8.6) AGM agenda: ‘AGM agendas shall include independently examined and certified Statement of Accounts’;
·           ·12.7 (const’n 9.7) Community benefit funds: ‘Where the CC is responsible for the administration of Windfarm community benefit monies, or any other community funds, a complete audit trail should be kept of all such financial transactions. The receipts and payments should be included in the CC’s annual financial statement and distinguished from other activities therein. If any question arises about the receipt or use of community benefit funds, the CC should seek to agree any proposed use of funds with the developer ‘


In order to fully comply with the above KCC will adopt the following practices: –

  1. Monthly bank statements to be requested and sent directly and independently to two KCC members, normally the chair and treasurer.
  2. An annotated up-to-date bank Statement to be included, where possible, with each meeting agenda – normally monthly.
  3. A discussion on the above to take place at each meeting which will be included in the minute record.
  4. All financial transactions to follow agreed minuted decisions of the KCC.
  5. All transactions involving Community Benefit Funding (wind farm) to be marked with (CBF).
  6. A fully itemised income and expenditure balance sheet duly signed by and independent auditor with (CBF) items so marked to be presented at the AGM
  7. The audit trail to normally consist of
  • A decision taken at a meeting and recorded in the minutes.
  • The financial transaction itself with the preservation of any receipt or voucher until at least the following AGM and normally for 6 years.
  • The presentation of the current bank statement to a KCC meeting which will include the transaction.
  • The inclusion of the transaction in the annual balance sheet presented at the AGM.


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