20 June 2017


PRESENT: – Barry Miller, Susan Irons, Angus Carrick Buchanan, Tommy Cochran, Sara McCulloch, Eric Garrett

APOLOGIES: – Gail Adams

Barry Miller welcomed Eric Garrett to the Community Council and his first meeting.

In response to an e-mail sent out from the KCC in February/March indicating some £32,500 would be available applications were received from the following groups. In fact, only £4,521 from the North Rhins wind farm is available since a contract has not yet been con-cluded with Glenapp windfarm. If this does happen and more funds become available this exercise will be repeated.

The bids received were:

1. Kirkcolm Nursery – go-kart track.
2. Old Church Yard – grass cutting.
3. Sailing club – rescue boat.
4. Parent Council – reading scheme.
5. Bayview Terrace – play park.
6. Senior citizens group – Xmas party.
7. WRI – summer trip group.
8. Brownies – census money.
9. Guides – census money.
10. Ian Morral – exercise class for retired residents.

After discussion, the following was decided:

1. Kirkcolm Nursery – go-kart track – this application was not deemed urgent but could be reconsidered when more significant funding was available in the autumn.
2. Old Church Yard – grass cutting – it was decided to check on the restriction on sup-porting religious activity before processing this application.
3. Sailing club – rescue boat – £2,000 was allocated to this group.
4. Parent Council – reading scheme – it was concluded this was a core local authority ac-tivity and could not be funded by the wind farm money.
5. Bayview Terrace – play park – but the applicant wished to resubmit in the autumn when they are ready.
6. Senior citizens group – Xmas party – £ 1,319 was allocated to this group.
7. WRI – summer trip – £500 was allocated to this group.
8. Brownies – census money – £351 was allocated to this group.
9. Guides – census money – £351 was allocated to this group.
10. Ian Morral – exercise class for retired residents – this project could be further consid-ered if additional funding becomes available.
Susan Irons is to contact all the groups on the list.

Angus Carrick Buchanan told the meeting that Siobhan McLaughlin representing the
Glenapp windfarm was changing the contract into the name of Kirkcolm Community
Council. It was agreed the two signatories from the KCC would be Tommy Cochran
(Treasurer) and Angus Carrick Buchanan (Windfarm Co-ordinator). It was further agreed
that Angus Carrick Buchanan’s office address would be used for windfarm correspondence
for the moment.

After discussion Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June was picked as preferred dates to sign the Glenapp contract.

It was decided the next KCC meeting would be held on Tuesday 25th July 2017 at 7.30pm in the Kirkcolm hall.

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