08 July 2015





PRESENT: – Malcolm Baker (Chairman) Ian Morral (Secretary &                      Treasurer)  Sara McCulloch (Vice Chair) Thomas Cochrane                   (KCC Member) Susan Irons (KCC Member)


ATTENDING:- Iain Dick (Councillor) Willie Scobie (Councillor)

                          Jane Stanistreet (Kirkcolm Parent Council)


APOLOGIES:- Carrie White Bobby McKie.


Verify Minutes of last meeting  Proposed by Malcolm Baker  Seconded by Sara McCulloch.


Police Business. No attendence.


1 Notice Board

   Ian Morral showed the meeting a printout of an A2 notice board which was the best        deal he could find and asked for approval to purchase this to be sited at Cochranes Store. This was proposed by Ian Morral and seconded by Susan Irons with no objections.


2 Gala Debrief

   A general discussion followed regarding the gala day the main points of which were;

All agreed that, on the whole it was a good and successful gala day.


The generator electricity supply proved to be a problem and other small generators had to be brought in to rectify the situation. It was agreed that in future standby generators would be kept on the field in case they were needed.

This was the first year that the school buildings were not used which caused extra cost in hiring of four portable toilets, it was felt that we could manage with three or maybe even two toilets next year which would provide some cost saving. It was remarked upon how clean  and well equipped the toilets were.

The football tournament was a resounding success  and it was felt brought a lot of people in on the day. Scott Baillie did a wonderful job of running the football tournament but struggled to act as MC at the same time, next year (assuming Scott runs the football again for us) we will have another MC to share the load. It has become apparent that the school gets a lot of enquiries about the football tournament when they should be directed at the tournament organiser, this needs to be addressed in 2016.


It was agreed that the magician was not good value for money and next year we may try to engage someone who could be more interactive with the younger children.


In future the information and raffle will be placed together to make better use of volunteers time and effort.


The Glenluce Tractor Rally increased their fee by 50% this year  From £50 to £75. This was a very large increase and as we have used the tractors for quite a few years now it was felt that maybe we would give them a miss in 2016.


The hot dogs and burgers were a victim of their own success and were sold out quite early in the afternoon. If we can get more people to help we could sell more, raising more revenue and avoiding disappointment.


As the gala will probably run at a loss this year the possibility of charging £1 per car for parking was raised with some present being for and some against. One popular suggestion was to charge £1 but make it a raffle with a car valet as the winning prize.



Problems were experienced with the two (of the three) older ‘pop up tents’ especially where they were sited as they were exposed to the wind and didn’t have all the sides fitted. It was decided to get them out and repair them making two good tents out of the three and consider replacing the third one. Next year we will site them near the hedge bordering The Elms for protection.

The issue of thanking people and businesses who helped towards the Gala was discussed and if gifts should be purchased for those who had made a special effort. The consensus was that this is a particularly difficult area and that the best way would be to place a ‘Thank you’ announcement in the Freepress  and personal letters to anyone who went ‘beyond the call of duty’. Sara said she would send letters to all businesses who had contributed to the raffle.

It was decided that raffle prizes should only be handed over to ticket holders in the future.



Ian Morral asked for approval for Dumfries & Galloway Council’s timetable to amend the “Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils” This has become necessary because the new Constitution and the “Scheme’” contradict each other and have parts that are open to misinterpretation, there were no objections to this.


Peter Joiner was voted onto the Community Council Proposed by Ian Morral and Seconded by Sara McCulloch.


Malcolm Baker told the meeting  that the Glenn App Wind Farm now has approval and is expected to be running by 2017 and will generate an income for our community of around £20,000 per annum. The Labrax wind farm proposal is back before the planning committee in August and is expected to be passed. If this happens we will get an immediate payment of £2000 and a possible £20,000 pa once generating.


The reorganisation of Kirkcolm Community Council posts was discussed next, Malcom Baker wished to step down as Chairman and Ian Morral said he would take on the role unless anyone else wanted to, no one volunteered. That being the case Ian would have to relinquish his role of Secretary and Treasurer. Susan Irons was still willing to take on the role of Secretary leaving the post of Treasurer to be filled. As there were no objections Malcolm Baker and Ian Morral resigned from their respective posts. Susan Irons was then proposed by Malcolm Baker and seconded by Sara McCulloch for the post of Secretary with unanimous approval. Ian Morral was then proposed by Malcolm Baker and seconded for the post of Chairman with unanimous approval. Ian Morral appealed for anyone who could suggest anyone for this post to get in touch.


The issue of weeds around the village and especially the hall and the possibility of putting window boxes on the hall and flower troughs at the entrance to the village was raised. The councillors present were to get in touch with G&GC regarding the weeds and all present liked the idea of the window boxes and troughs. Sara McCulloch also suggested planting roses, as used to be the case, in the flower bed on Bay View Terrace.


Sara McCulloch asked why the Community Council don’t put on or contribute to any bus trips as the church do which prompted a lengthy discussion. It was stated that as well as organising the Gala the Community Council also organises the Christmas lights and the Pantomime and indirectly, using wind farm funds, helps out with other activities. Ian Morral suggested that if Sara wanted to come forward with any proposals these could be looked at.


Malcolm Baker said we should make as much use of the hall as possible as we have put a lot of money into it’s infrastructure. It was pointed out that the hall and kitchen needed cleaning to attract more use and that food was being left in the kitchen cupboards. It was also reported that people had been asking to use the toilets in the shop as the hall was locked.


Tommy Cochrane raised the issue of marquees being let out or lent to community members. There had been a misunderstanding over the use of a marquee recently and there were also misunderstandings about the CC policy concerning this issue. As time was running on it was decided to debate this at the next meeting.


Next meeting 9th September.


Meeting closes.










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